Joe's Cosmic Cowboy

 First of all I'd like to say what a pleasure its been working with Brian on the Cosmic Cowboy guitar. From start to finish Brian kept me very involved with the makings of the Cosmic Cowboy. Let me tell you all that the creativeness that Brian brings to a project will really amaze you. I never thought everything I wanted could really be put into one guitar & yet behold here we have it, the first Cosmic Cowboy guitar.  The functionality of this guitar is unreal & wood & inlay in the Cowboy are absolutely beautiful, from a flip of a switch from my fingertips I can reach a multitude of effects & different pickup orientation's. I think the Cosmic Cowboy is a first in 21st century modern guitar building. 

I'd like to thank Brian for building me this guitar, it will surely sing out lots of music through the years.. Thank you...
Sincerely, Joe Thielemann 

Thank you Joe, it was a pleasure. 


Bruce's JG7080

 Brian, I hope that my satisfaction with the new Io Custom guitar
reaches other musicians who would consider their own made to order instrument. My instrument is outstanding in every possible way. I chose you after reviewing many amazing choices and I am so glad I did.

For starters it is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen. The playability and tone are both a revelation and I have played countless guitars.  It was a real joy working with you. I shared my vision for the artistic inlays and the end result you delivered is superb. The luthier work is perfection.  The balance, feel and finish of the instrument are like a dream. One might say the instrument has 'an old soul'. After all, it does embody the cumulative wisdom that Jerry arrived at in terms of the ultimate stage guitar. I would like to finish with my comments on how expressive this instrument is to the touch of the player. With the Adamas graphite pick I can draw out so many shades of nuance. It is a feeling of transparency. Like nothing is in the way of my imagination.

Musically I have been at my very best and most inspired with this guitar, no limit in sight!

Brian I have so much respect for your talent and insight. I am grateful to you, that sums it up.

Bruce Ross                  Thanks so much Bruce, that's very kind.


Justin's Custom Dragon Build

  RUKIND review:  "This beauty was built by Brian White--Milobender on RUKind--(http://www.iocustomguitars.com/). It's a combination of many aspects of Jerry's guitars... The body woods are very similar to 'Rosebud': Cocobola/Maple sandwich. The neck is familiar: Maple/Wenge/Maple/Padauk, with a volute at the nut; 25.5" scale. The bottom-half of the body shape is taken directly from 'Tiger', while the front horns are custom designed. The electronics include a Waldo-buffer & a new-old-stock Stratoblaster that I can switch between, OBEL, and 3-position coil switches: front coil/Humbucker/rear coil for each pickup, as well as a push-pull bypass of all the active elecs. The tail piece, pickup-plate, and nut are brass, custom fabricated by Brian (tailpiece has a Cocobola spacer); the bridge is a Kluson steel-billet harmonica bridge. The headstock shape is very 'Irwin' and has Sperzel locking tuners. The knobs are custom fabricated brass too, we found those online. The finish is incredible, and seems extremely durable. It comes in at just about 10.5lbs

The quality is astounding. Legendary, even... I'm still in disbelief that I own such a fine instrument. The whole thing is of a quality I've seldom seen, rarely touched, and never owned. The neck is extremely comfortable (I visited Brian's shop last September and we roughed out some final details, including designs to make the neck super-comfortable for me). The guitar is extremely well balanced and sits perfectly--neither neck-heavy or body-heavy--on my shoulder with a strap. I would say it's "transparently comfortable", for lack of a better way of describing the uniquely cozy feel.

The "feel" of playing it (from the perspective of a lead-guitar player in a Dead coverband, now that I've had it for a couple shows) is very forward, dominant, and is a joy to both feel and hear. The sound is... Unmistakable:

All in all, I couldn't be happier with the entire experience. Brian is such a great guy, wonderful to work with; he always responded quickly to my emails, answered my questions, and sent tons of pictures whenever he did any work on the guitar. Most importantly, Brian worked with me on many of the finer details--the minutiae of the shape, the neck, the inlays, electronics positioning, etc etc. I'm happy to have made a friend along the way of acquiring my dream guitar. I would absolutely recommend Brian and IO Custom Guitars--with highest regards--to anyone looking to find "that sound and feel" that is so elusive."  

Thanks Justin "o)    Everyone, check out the GBB at http://www.garciabirthdayband.com/ 


 Brian, Just want to drop you a note to let you know that the modifications that you did for me on my Ibanez MC 200 are a huge success. I played it last night in a live setting and was able to achieve such a vast array of different tones and feelings throughout the night that I never expected. The ability to switch from a Unity Gain Buffered signal to a StratoBlaster during a song is incredible. I don't want to forget to mention your fabrication of a Brass Nut and the rack mounted Breakout Box is phenomenal. I really appreciate how you addressed my augmented fret issues. My guitar plays smooth and even throughout the entire neck. I bought this MC 200 specifically to perform some modifications, but I never expected this! I'm so glad I found you and agreed to your recommendations. You are an artist, craftsman, luthier and electronic wizard all rapped up into one kind soul. Thanks so much! 


 Brian...dude... Yesterday I plugged into my main rig, after acclimating and tuning, and tuning again and again, I have to say, not only does everything work, it sounds f#^king amazing! There's no noise...I mean, none!! The neck is a dream, what a refret, I mean, from my half-assed email explanations of what I 'hope to have', to the final product? Leaps and bounds, brother, leaps and bounds...you not only know your craft, but your ability to bring that level of expertise to the deadhead 'layman', like me, who doesn't know s#^t about .022 polystyrene caps, and really doesn't want to, the freedom to pursue my main quarry...namely, killer jams!! : )
All electronics function perfectly, AND, it just feels so good!
Really, Brian, I'm loving my guitar right now, and I have you to thank!! 


 Brian, All I can say is WOW!!! The guitar is a work of art. You have done a fantastic job. 

I know this guitar is new and it gets preference but I really am not kidding when I say it's the best in my stable.  I can't wait to get it fired up again today. 

Brian...got it!  You made my week brother!  I love it....it sounds great.  I love the brass hardware you made....the whole job just turned out so well...exceeded my expectations! Thanks again...will keep you posted on any recordings I make but will be posting some centerfold shots on the forum for sure!

First impressions, HOLY S^#T THIS IS A NICE GUITAR!!! Brian, you did some awesome work. From the brass hardware, to the finish, to the electronics I'd give it all a 10.