Io Custom Builds

Handcrafted with the highest quality and integrity.

   My design specialization, so far, has been centered around the guitars built for and used by Jerry Garcia, of the Grateful Dead. I enjoy using the multi-layered techniques for the bodies and necks, as it creates a very stable platform with lovely complex resonating qualities, as well as  being visually pleasing.  That said,  I'm happy to employ any type of style and construction, using any single or multiple types of wood, and I'll be doing just that in the near future.

I've also mainly used Jerry's electronics developments, specifically the use of on-board preamps (which isn't unique to him) as well as the OBEL (On-Board Effects Loop), which as far as I know, is an innovation uniquely his.  For a detailed explaination of the OBEL click on the button to the right...  but in brief, it's a different way of running the signal through the effects chain, a much better way in my estimation.  

I have recently developed a new preamp I include on all of my latest builds, and is one half the new Thick Air Pedal.   I'll be putting up more information about this in the near future.