Io MSS6070

Strat Type Platform

 Fundamentally The Io MSS6070 is a Stratocaster-like platform, incorporating improvements I felt would make the guitar truly as Leo Fender would have liked it.  Set neck, slightly angled head-stock to eliminate the need for string trees, medium sized volute for better tone clarity and sustain, extremely comfortable heel, improved comfort of belly cut and lower bout, choice of hardware and electronics in a rear accessed cavity, pre-amps if desired, and your choice of woods. 


The stock MSS6070 may come in a variety of woods.  Typically I'll make them with either a Swamp Ash core or Alder, with a top of my choosing.  Necks will typically be made of maple, as well as the fretboard.  When ordering a Custom MSS6070, you may specify the types of woods used for the body as well as the neck, and fretboard.


The stock MSS6070 comes with Sperzel locking tuners, bone or elk antler nut, Io Custom Handwound vintage reproduction pickups, a high quality strat type bridge of my choosing, laminated veneer pickup surround, and Strap Lock buttons.  When ordering a Custom MSS6070, you may specify the type of tuners, bridge, tailpiece (if applicable), nut and knobs, etc.


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Custom Ordering the MSS6070

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Custom Ordering the MSS6070 'Gator Model

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