Guitar Modifications & Repairs


One of the ways guitar manufacturers keep their prices down is by using cheaper pickups and electronic components.  If you've got a guitar that you love to play, but just doesn't sound right, you'll benefit greatly from an upgrade modification.  I'm happy to work with you to achieve any level of modification you'd like.  

Of course your 'sound' is the result of many factors other than just the guitar.  Having been a professional guitar player for over 40 years puts me in the position of understanding your entire setup and working in that framework to find the sound you love.
My modification of choice is the JG package, which, with variations, is this:
3 pickups (for those looking for the JG tone Dimarzio SD or similar)
Coil Selection switches for all three pickups if applicable
5 way pickup selector switch, or similar
Master Volume with pull-up switch to bypass active electronics circuits 
Middle Pickup tone control with choice of capacitor value and constructionNeck and Bridge tone control using stacked pot with choice of capacitor value and construction
Wald Electronics Buffer
Blaster Preamp
​Switch for selecting EITHER Buffer OR Blaster 
Switch for selecting Blaster Gain as Unity or Adjustable
Blaster Gain control
OBEL Switch for selecting Effects Loop Engaged OR Dis-engaged.

There are quite a lot of variations on this theme...   contact me if you 'd like to discuss different JG options.

And, of course, I'm happy to work up any electronics scheme you might have in mind.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for whatever modifications you might need.

I also perform repairs as needed, refrets, leveling and crowning, action and intonation adjustment, tuner replacements, etc...  as well as refinishing and inlay work as requested.  
I can also provide custom designed and hand crafted pickguards, switch plates, nuts and tailpieces.

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